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Groundcover Varieties
You may mix varieties of 3.5" pots, but plants must be ordered in multiples of 18

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VINCA minor
Dwarf Periwinkle

Our Vinca varieties are available either bare-root, or in 3.5" pots.
All Vincas Hardy Zones 4 to 8.


Vinca minor 'Alba' – White flowers with small rounded leaves.

Vinca minor 'Atropurpurea' – Dark purple flowers give this vinca a spectacular show in the spring.

Vinca minor 'Bowlesii' Bowles Blue Vinca – This is probably the best selection of vinca minor, with intense blue flowers that are larger than the species. It flowers throughout the growing season after its main burst of flowers in the spring.

Vinca minor 'Golden' Golden Variegated Vinca – Variegated yellow and white foliage with showy white flowers in spring.

Vinca minor 'Illumination' – A newer selection, Illumination has bright golden yellow leaves that are edged in green. The flowers are blue, borne in the spring.

Vinca minor 'Miss Gertrude Jeykll' – This variety has small white flowers with petite dark green leaves. Miss Jeykll grows closer to the ground than other varieties.

Vinca minor 'Ralph Shugert' Ralph Shugert Vinca – This vinca has deep glossy green leaves that are trimmed with a thin edge of white. The flowers are similar to Vinca Bowles.

Vinca Major – A relative of Vinca minor, Vinca major has leaves that are twice the size of Vinca minor and is a much more aggressive grower. It has blue flowers borne in the spring.


Vincas prefer a fertile, rich loamy soil with good drainage. A soil ph of neutral to slighly acidic is preferable. Summer drought will normally not hurt vinca, but they will benefit from an ocassional deep soaking. Vincas will do well in either a shaded location or full sun. If mowed in the fall they will rejuvenate and thicken the next season.


Vincas can be used to cover small to large areas. They can be used as edging along walkways, as an underplanting in a shrub border, or to cover a large area. Once established they will effectively compete with weeds to eliminate them.



 Pachysandra terminalis
Japanese Spurge, Japanese pachysandra

Pachysandra is a slow growing groundcover which grows to 6" to 12" in height. When grown in shade the leaves are a lush dark green. Available in 3.5" pots.


Pachysandras like well drained loamy soil, and require extra water during extended dry periods. No regular maintenance is generally needed.


Probably one of the most popular groundcovers available today, Pachysandra does well in a wide area of the country, rarely has any disease or insect problems, and once established is virtually maintenance free. Pachysandra is best used in shaded areas, and is an excellent companion plant under rhododendrons, pieris, azaleas, dogwoods, and many other shrubs and small trees that grow in shaded locations. Pachysandra is hardy in Zones 4 to 8.

Fragaria chiloensis Pink Flowering


Chiloe Strawberry, or Beach Strawberry

Evergreen leaves with white 3/4" wide flowers. Flowers early spring. Plants reach 6" tall and will spread to fill an area. Fragaria chiloensis forms a small firm fruit which is generally not very palatable. Available in 3.5" pots.

FRAGARIA chiloensis -- 'Pink Flowering'
This selection is similar to the white flowering fragaria but has pink flowers.


Strawberries can adapt to a wide range of soils but do best when provided with good drainage. Plant 12" to 18" apart. Strawberries do well in full sun to light shade. They can withstand drought conditions as long as they are given some supplemental moisture. Late winter mowing will encourage lush vigorous growth the next season.
Hardy in zone 4 to 9.


Strawberries are used in naturalizing woodland landscapes or can be used as a cover below larger shrubs, or as a lawn substitute. They can withstand light foot traffic.


Festuca ovina 'Elijah Blue' -- Elijah Blue Fescue
A deep silvery blue, tuft forming grass that is a colorful ground cover for small to medium areas. Grows 8 to 10 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide. Hardy in zones 4 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Helictotrichon sempervirens -- Blue Oatgrass
A blue ornamental grass that grows 2 feet tall and 3 feet across, it can be used as an accent plant or in a mass planting. Hardy in zones 4 to 8. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron' -- Red Baron Japanese Blood Grass
The erect red tipped leaves give the illusion of flickering tips red flames. A slow grower. Hardy in Zones 5 to 10. Available in 3.5" pots.

Liriope muscari 'Big Blue' -- Big Blue Liriope
Liriope Big Blue has dark green foliage with deep blue flowers. This Liriope grows to 2 feet tall and spreads about to 12 ". Hardy in Zone 6 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Liriope muscari variegata -- Variegated Liriope
The new leaves are green with yellow edges turning green the second year. It grows 12 to 18 inches tall with violet flowers. Hardy in Zone 8. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Liriope spicata -- Creeping Lilyturf
Evergreen leaves 8 to 12" long with pale purple to white spike-like flowers. Zones 4 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots

Liriope spicata -- Silver Dragon
Leaves dark green with silvery-white variegation. Pale purple to white spike like flowers. Zones 4 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots

Ophiopogon japonicus -- Mondo Grass
Mondo Grass reaches 10 to 15 inches tall and will form a dense mat. The leaves are deep green with flowers that are lilac to white, born in the early summer. Hardy in zone 7 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Ophiopogon japonicus nana -- Dwarf Mondo Grass
Dwarf Mondo grows to about 4" tall and is a good turf substitute. The leaves are deep green with light lilac to white flowers. Hardy in zone 7 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Pennisetum aloperutoides -- Little Bunny Fountain Grass
When mature the foliage gives a fountain like appearance, Little Bunny only reaches 12" tall when fully grown unlike other fountain grass that can reach 2 ˝ to 3' tall. Zones 5 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots

Pennisetum aloperutoides -- Little Honey Fountain Grass
A variegated form Pennisetum with growth similar to Little Bunny. Zones 5 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots

Other Groundcover Varieties

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi “Massachusetts -- Bearberry, Kinnikinnick
Kinnikinnick will typically grow to 6-12" high and 3-6' wide. It has reddish-gray, peeling bark and small, dark green leaves that turn reddish brown in winter. It has white flowers with a pink tinge that appear in April-May. The bright red fruits which last from August through the winter will attract birds. Hardy in Zones 2 to 6. Available in 3.5” Pots.

Cornus Canadensis -- Bunchberry
Grows to 4" to 9" tall and spreads by rhizomes. Its leaves are like other dogwood but smaller. Red fruit in the fall. Zones 2 to 7. Available in 3.5" Pots

Cotoneaster -- Cotoneaster dammeri, Bearberry Cotoneaster
This cotoneaster is excellent for mass plantings and grows to 12" to 18" tall. It is mostly evergreen with white flowers in the spring and red fruit in the fall. Hardy Zones 6 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Cotoneaster microphylla -- Little Leaf Cotoneaster
Low growing, with horizontal branching. The leaves are small and thyme like. Zones 6 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots. .

Dymondia margaretae -- 'Silver Carpet'
True to its name, Silver Carpet has semi-evergreen foliage that is light gray on the bottom and white on top. It grows low to the ground. The yellow flowers that bloom low to the ground bloom during the summer. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Gaultheria procumbens -- Winterberry
Forms a low (3" to 5" tall) spreading creeping mat. Winterberry has evergreen leaves with small pinkish flowers followed by a fleshy scarlet berry. Zones 3 to 7. Available in 3.5" Pots

Gaultheria shallon - 'Salal'
Shrubby ground cover suited to large scale shady areas. It has white to pink bell shaped flowers in late spring to early summer and purple to black fruit in the fall. Zones 7 to 8. Available in 3.5" Pots.

Herniaria glabra -- 'Green Carpet' Rupertwort
Low growing (2" to 3"), Rupertwort is most noted for its ability to exclude weeds and tolerate some foot traffic. Zones 5 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots

Leptinella squalida -- New Zealand Brass Buttons
Gorgeous creeper with fern-like foliage and small, yellow button flowers. Gray/green color turns bronze in autumn. Ideal between pavers and in perennial beds. Good lawn substitute. Zones 5 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots

Leptinella gruveri -- 'Miniature Brass Buttons'
Tiny serrated leaves send out runners to form a rugged carpet of green. Excellent as a lawn substitute or between pavers. Zones 5 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots

Leptinella x 'Platta Black' -- Black Brass Buttons
Beautiful bronze/black, fern-like foliage creeps to form a soft, fuzzy mat. Small yellow flowers go unnoticed. Great look for entryways, courtyards, pathways or as lawn substitute. Zones 5 to 9. Available in 3.5" Pots

Pratia pendunculata -- Blue Star Creeper
Low growing and mat forming herbaceous groundcover. Blue flowers appear in the late spring thru summer. Zones 7 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots

Pratia pendunculata 'County Park' -- County park Pratia
Darker blue flowers that the common Blue Star Creeper. Low Growing and mat forming 2" to 5"tall. Zones 7 to 10. Available in 3.5" Pots

Rubus calcynoides -- Creeping Bramble
Low, trailing woody densely branched groundcover. It grows 4" to 6" tall and spreading up to 3'. The white flowers are not very conspicuous. Zone 7. Available in 3.5" Pots

Thymus serphylum -- Creeping Red Thyme
Low growing (1" to 3") with small mint scented leaves. Lilac to royal purple flowers in late spring to early summer. Hardy to Zone 4. Available in 3.5" Pots

Thymus serphylum 'Elfin' -- Elfin Thyme
Stays less than 1" above the ground. The flowers are lilac to royal purple. Hardy to Zone 4. Available in 3.5" Pots

Veronica repens -- Creeping Speedwell
Narrow oval semi-evergreen leaves reaching 4" in height. Light blue flowers in late spring to early summer. Hardy to Zone 5. Available in 3.5" Pots

Waldstenia fragriodes -- Mock Strawberry
Low growing, herbaceous mat-forming groundcover. Yellow flowering in spring. Zones 4 to 7. Available in 3.5" Pots

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