What are Bare Root Plants?

Quite simply, Bare Root Plants are plants that are transplanted without soil.

Why use Bare Root plants?

Cost! Your plant costs are less when using Bare Root.
  • For example, if you were to plant a 100 sq ft area using Bare Root at a recomended 9" spacing, Your cost  for the plants would be $84.96.

  • Using 3.5" potted plants, your cost for the plants at a 12" spacing would be $350.00.

  • At an 18" spacing your plant cost is $152.00.

Plant cost in this example does not include shipping. When ordering larger quantities, discounts will be applied.

What are the risks?

Transplanting bare root is more stressful on the plants than planting a potted plant. However, it is our experience that when properly handled, surivability is very high. Please refer to our Planting Instructions page for our recomendations for the ideal situation.

At the nursery we remove the plants from the flats just prior to shipping and pack them in moist peat moss. We ship Via USPS 2 to 3 Day Prioroty Mail. We ship on Monday or Tuesday with the plants arriving on Thur or Friday.